Our Services

Heat Treatment

We provide Heat Treatment(ISPM-15), Chemical Treatment (Tricel) to avoid pests ,we also provide other services to meet all export packaging norms and regulations.

  • Heating is done in a concealed Chamber to attain a temperature of 50-60 degree centigrade.
  • This process prevents insects/pests transported from one place to another
  • The Heating Process minimizes moisture content and makes the product weather resistant and less likely to rot.
  • Chemical Treated Pallets are also less likely to catch the fungus as they are treated with Tricel chemical.
Anti Rust packaging

Anti Rust packaging such as Corrosion Inhibitors, dehumidification packaging

  • This Packaging process protects any metal product from corrosion.
  • Best for Materials being transported or are placed in long term storage which are at rist from the rust.
  • Sea air or industrial smog when mixed with humidity create chemical reaction the outcome of which is rust.